Pro.Play Training in North America

Workshops and certifications in the Pro.Play® Method using PLAYMOBIL®

One of the most powerful ways we have to access our intuitive minds is through play — it lowers our ego, puts logic on hold for a while and frees us from inhibitions. Then, logic can — from play — draw valuable conclusions that become learnings and actions for our life.

Pro.Play is a process that stimulates creative play in professional environments, compiling tools and techniques that can facilitate problem-solving and opportunity-finding, making any project more productive. Click here to find out more about Pro.Play.

Workshops offered by Tim Hurson Enterprises & Courage Co-Lab Inc.

We have designed and delivered innovation and productive thinking programs and training to companies and individuals since 2005. Now, since 2023, we are thrilled to offer Pro.Play workshops and facilitator certification to those who want to reach beyond the conventional to harness the power of Playmobil Pro.


Tim Hurson has helped global organizations solve problems and seize opportunities for over four decades. He is regularly invited to speak around the world on how creative leaders can manage the forces of change rather than be blind-sided by them. He has lectured in business schools in the US, Canada, UK, Mexico, Chile, South Africa, and Australia. His book, Think Better, is a McGraw-Hill Business Classic, available in ten languages. Tim is also the founding director of Mindcamp, an annual productive thinking retreat that takes place in Canada and Chile.

Tim is excited to collaborate with Courage Co-Lab founder, Robert Wakulat, as the latter seeks refuge from his early professional career as a business lawyer. Having spent over a decade identifying his clients’ risks and seeking to help mitigate them, Robert has shifted gears by leaning into opportunities to assist clients in thinking abundantly by pulling their imagined futures into the present.

Together, Tim and Robert are strategic partners and consultants with Actitud Creativa in Spain and part of the first group of certified Pro.Play facilitators in North America. They collaborate with Pro.Play founder, Juan Prego, on all training programs.


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